Monday, August 31, 2009

add it to the list

I love my boyfriend.

Tonight he took me out on a Monday date night. Now you have to know that Mondays are probably my worst day. I attribute it to something Pastor Ed calls 'the holy hangover'. After a weekend of services, I really struggle with focus & productivity.

Stop number one: Waffle House. I know what you're thinking, 'really sb? waffle house?' You have to understand, I LOVE the WAFFLE HOUSE! It reminds me of certain parts of my hometown & I love breakfast. Did you know the Waffle House has a juke box complete with songs dedicated to the Waffle House? It's hilarious & wonderful.

Stop number two: the movies to see '500 Days of Summer'. I loved this movie! It's a buy. I love quirky movies (thank you Fox Searchlight!) and love seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt working again! It was great to see a girlier movie as this summer has been packed with boy movies (trust me, i was tapping out of any more testosterone driven movies for a bit). It was also great that Chris enjoyed the movie too.

So add tonight to the very long list of reasons why I love my boyfriend.

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