Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Traveling Man

Chris' family is amazing! Seriously talented, humble, wonderful people comprise his family. Tonight was the grand reveal for his uncle Brandon 3 sculptures in Deep Ellum (in Dallas) called The Traveling Man.

It started in Fair Park at the African American Museum. We were given an opportunity to check out the George Washington Carver exhibit (not allowed to take pics) on loan from Chicago before hopping on the brand new green line of Dart (officially opens September 14).

At each stop, we were able to see the station art & hear from the artist. It was really cool & something you'll want to check out the next time you're taking the Dart. The final stop of the night was the Deep Ellum station. The station artist spoke then it was Brandon's turn.

He explained the vision behind it & also credited the other artists (including Brad Oldham standing next to Brandon). Then we went exploring.
While we were exploring, I might have felt just a tad ummm...wanna be modelish? Anyway around each of the three sculptures are these amazing birds which double as chairs.

This is the Traveling Man Awakening. You can lounge on his head which is pretty neat & makes for an interesting picture...

This is the Traveling Main: Waiting on a Train. He's propping himself up with a piece from the original tunnel that was the gateway into Deep Ellum. It is a great addition to the piece--you can also sit on the tunnel portion (proudly displaying 1930, the year it was built).
This is the Traveling Man Walking Tall. He is directly across from the Deep Ellum dart station. If you notice, 6'4" Chris is standing in front of his left leg. The Traveling Man stands 38' tall. It is incredible.

While Chris & I were exploring, a couple was taking wedding pictures in front of the Waiting on a Train. I now want to take every guest I have & pose them in front of the Traveling Man. I think he's so incredibly amazing!


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