Wednesday, June 30, 2010

love it!

I have come to the realization that I am not made for a job that has the same tasks to do daily. Nor am I really made for a desk. I am definitely not a candidate for corporate America.

Being a church lady absolutely makes me smile. I love the various roles I get to have. Sometimes I get to proof our children's curriculum. I get to be in video shoots teaching how to lead small group activities! I've been in song videos. I get to make my areas homey and really pursue hospitality in all aspects of my job. I get to minister to my volunteers. I get to welcome first time families. I get to help plan events. I get to write Bible studies for camp. I get to teach at camp. I get to read. I get to meet with my leadership team each week. I get to be goofy with them while showing the love of Christ. I get to do some amazing things.

It's humbling.

I never in a million years thought I would be a church lady. I thought I might marry a minister but never be one. I thought surely I would be a missionary. It's amazing how God wired me for this position.

Not that it's easy. I'm definitely stretched. I get presented with new opportunities that teach me how much I still have to learn and grow. I'm incredibly thankful for it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

update on Life Style Change

  • The first week of insanity work outs went really well. I made four out of the five (I missed one due to gathering supplies for the weekend which took longer than expected). That Friday night I played in 3 softball games. Good stuff.
  • The second week of insanity work outs went really not well. I made one out of the five. Yep. One. I feel like I got pretty ok workout at mini-camp. I played softball on Friday.
  • This is the third week of insanity. I made the work out yesterday. Today my hammies feel like they're on fire. That's my tip off that I'm getting back into the groove of things. Plus I have a double header for softball this weekend.
  • I'm drinking a ton of water daily & fewer sodas. I'm not even missing Mountain Dew. This blows my mind just a tad.
  • Food choices still aren't the best but they aren't the worst. It's a slow but steady process I think.
  • I did buy five candy bars while in line at Target the other day....and I've eaten two of them. I'm proud to say I ate the two of them on separate days.
  • I can tell a difference in my muscle tone despite the lackluster commitment to work outs. Yay Insanity!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Mini Camp is even better than a mini cooper. That's right I said it. Mini camp is rocking my face off right now!

Since our Kindergarten & first grade students can't go to church camp, we are making a camp just for them. It's Tuesday-Thursday. I love it! I wrote one of the Bible studies (Wednesday) and I get to be a grade leader. I have five first grade teams I'm responsible for. I get to make sure the trainers have what they need and that the kids are having a fun time.

Today is the last day and what better way to celebrate than with water. Today instead of crafts and outside games, we're having water day. 3 water inflatables and wiggly water guys are waiting for our kids today. I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


1 year: 11 months: 1 day

That's how long I've been dating Chris.

2 years

That's how long ago I rejected Chris. Yep. About a month before we started dating, he asked me out and I turned him down. I wasn't nice about it either. I wasn't mean but I certainly wasn't kind in the rejection. But he didn't quit. He kept praying. He kept pursuing. My fear, insecurities and foolishness pushed him away time and time again but he didn't quit.

Now here we are 1 year 11 months and 1 day into a lifetime together. Absolutely amazing.

I'm so thankful God has blessed me with such a servant hearted gentleman who's just as silly as I am. I am so grateful God has blessed me with a patient and gracious guy who has a remarkable perspective.

Friday, June 11, 2010

life change?

There was a period of my life where I was healthy. I worked out regularly. I drank a lot of water every day. I made more good food choices than bad. I was healthy....and then one day, I just stopped. I chose convenience. I chose more bad food choices than good. I stopped running. I stopped going to the gym. And now I'm out of shape.

Whenever I mention how out of shape I am, I typically get rebuked. You see, despite being out of shape, I'm still thin. I look healthy. I could easily fool most people into thinking I was just fine...which, unfortunately I've tricked myself into thinking for the last couple of years.

So this week I decided to change my life. I work out with a group doing "Insanity" (which is aptly named). I'm trying to make better food choices. In short, I'm trying to be healthy once again.

We'll see if this patterns continues....but Shaun T thinks I can do it, so I think I can too.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Matthew 5:9

'Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God.' Matthew 5:9 niv

If you want peace, you have to go through conflict. The cycle of conflict isn't always pleasant nor is is one that most enjoy going through, but it's necessary.

Change. Conflict. Growth.

'But avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife.' 2 Timothy 2:23 nkjv

In the cycle of conflict, peacemakers must be careful to not get caught up in foolish arguments. That is difficult...especially when slander comes into the picture. ugh.

Currently I am learning how to be a peacemaker who doesn't get caught up in foolish disputes. This isn't my favorite thing to all but I know it's good to learn.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a weird fact

You know those silly questionnaires that ask you to list 25 things about yourself that others wouldn't know? I've done a couple but one fact I've always left off because I didn't want to seem weird or like a goody two shoes...or a weird little goody two shoes.

I like donating blood.

It started my junior year of high school at a blood drive in our drama class. I felt like I had made a difference and I decided that whenever asked, I would donate blood. So senior year and throughout college I faithfully gave at blood drives. I started donating post college too & continued pretty faithfully until this last year.

After I moved about 30 minutes north of where I donated, things got hectic and I dropped the donating ball until this past Saturday.

Well another thing on my list that I haven't shared is that I'm always a problem when I donate. It's never an intentional problem but always a problem. I have a tendency to scare the technicians with each donation.

In an effort to be proactive, I did everything right prior to donating. I stopped caffeine for a day and a half (if you know me, you know this is a huge deal since I live off of caffeine and sugar). I ate plenty of iron rich foods prior to donating. I felt confident this time I would not be a problem.

My iron levels were well above the limit. My blood pressure was commendable. My pulse a healthy, active rate. Yes, this time donating would be different!

As I sat down to donate, I had a little conversation to prepare the technician for what was going to happy...after all, I'm a donating pro.

me: So Janette, let me tell you what happens when I give blood. I give really fast--always under 8 minutes. I do just fine until the very end. The color leaves my face and I've heard it's pretty scary. Just get me some juice & I'll be fine in no time.
Janette the technician: Um...ok? I think it's because you think it's going to happen. I want you to think about some place you want to visit, not about the blood, ok?
me: ok!

So for the next 7 minutes Janette and I visit about her family. I felt very comfortable with her. Then She took the needle out of my arm & it started. I got very hot. I told Janette. As she walked over to turn the fan towards me, tunnel vision and muffled hearing hit me like a ton of bricks. The next thing I know I have a couple of ice packs on me and a swarm of technicians around me. One tried to give me juice but I couldn't grab it for a minute or so.

Once I had my juice, the tunnel vision subsided and I could hear clearly, I apologized. I told them I tried so hard to not be a bother in all aspects of life but the one thing I was always difficult with was donating blood.

How weird is that? I seriously thought I was a medical oddity. I called Nurse Cheryl & told her about it. She came up with several reasons why that happens each time I donate. None of those reason have anything to do with being a medical oddity. :-)

So that's my weird fact: I love to donate blood but probably shouldn't be a donor.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jasmataz weekend

What a great weekend with my Jasmine (yep, i know it's a little late). Here's a recap:
  • I met my sister in Calera, Oklahoma (just north of the border) at Taco Casa. Not only did I get a delicious sweet tea but I also picked up my precious Jasmine.
  • The car ride home was sooo good--we talked about a lot of spiritual things ( was amazing!)
  • Friday we got mani/pedis. Jasmine had never had a pedicure before. Her face during the process was priceless! Somethings made her cringe and others made her smile. We also hit up Chuck E Cheese (thanks Marty!!!) and Sam Moon. The girl was ecstatic!
  • Saturday we slept in, headed up to church and helped set up for children's baptism. Jasmine is a super little volunteer! After church we went to dinner with Chris and his family. Jasmine loves Chris' dad!
  • Sunday we went to church. Jasmine volunteered in one of Miss Shannon's 3 year old classes. Jasmine had a blast before going to service. That afternoon we napped then made dinner.
  • Monday we played some monopoly then went to the mall with my sister & Dee.
It was such a blessing! I'm so excited to see what God is doing in her life & can't wait to see what He continues to do!

Best quote of the weekend: 'Sarah, you know hobos are endangered.' --Jasmine 'Isn't that a good thing? Doesn't that mean they have jobs and homes?'--sb