Friday, October 5, 2007

My unhealthy love...

Thursday was the annual Fan Jam. Like any adoring fan, I was pumped all day. I raced home from work, slipped into my Harris shirt, and headed out to meet some friends. On my way, I was hit by a semi. No worries--it wasn't like a t-bone collision or anything...just a "gentle" brush. On my back passenger door, you can admire the dent & the scraped paint.

For any normal girl, this would have been the beat down of the day. I, however, didn't even bother to check out my car--I didn't have time; we were running late. This was my first sign that I may have an unhealthy love for the Mavericks.

Today my morning hasn't been the brightest. My outlook reminder popped up: Preseason starts tonight with the Spurs at the AAC. My day suddenly became brighter! Now if I could wrangle some tickets, it may even turn out to be the best Tuesday of October...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Apparently my work ethic has died. This a shame. I had a really good, strong, solid work ethic for years. I was capable, confident, efficient, and effective. Last week I noticed a change. I wanted to play MASH online(you remember the game from fifth grade: mansion, apartment, shack, house) and listen to Silverchair rather than be productive. Now it may be alarming that a 25 year old woman was playing mash (give me some credit--I did various versions: rock star, nba, elementary crushes, etc and had some extremely creative choices) but my attitude was even more alarming: I wasn't joyful and I was easily frustrated.

After my three day weekend, I decided this morning I should try to revive my work ethic. So after adding some music to my itunes library, checking the Chuck Norris fact generator, and sending a text message, I went straight to work--blogging.

I think I need someone to shake me & say: "what's your deal? sb, this isn't you! get to work!" I think I may end up organizing an intervention for the end of this week. Does that count as being productive? My attitude is much too flippant I fear. I'm honestly not concerned about my dead work ethic...maybe this means I should concentrate on finding a sugar daddy...