Monday, February 25, 2008


Last year Deanna invited me to an Oscar's party. I'd never really watched the Oscars nor had I seen a lot of the movies nominated. I didn't know what to expect but I was definitely on board. Deanna had a red carpet leading to her front door, best picture nominee themed dishes, and ballots.

When Deanna invited me to come to this year's bash, I didn't hesitate. Due to my schedule (working 60-80 hour weeks makes it difficult to do things not work related), I had only seen four of the nominated pictures: The Borne Ultimatum, Ratatouille (for my niece's 8th bday), Transformers, and Juno. I took my ballot and immediately started to choose movies. I have a theory: fun names/interesting names tend to do well.

As the show progressed I started to cheer. It was so much fun to be right and to pretend to be upset when your choice lost. When the show was over, I had correctly selected 10 of the 24 categories correct. :-) I successfully selected: Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Animated Feature, Best Costume Design, Best Directing, Best Feature Documentary, Best Picture, Best Animated Short Film, Best Live Action Short Film, and Best Original Screenplay. I had the most correct out of the guests, so I was awarded with "A Knight's Tale" in memory of Heath Ledger.

Who knew I loved the Oscars so much? What a great night!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Rolling down the road*Going no where*Guitar packed in the trunk*Somewhere round mile marker 112*Papa started hummin the funk*I gotta jones in my bones before we know*We were singing this melody*Stop the car pulled out the guitar*Halfway to New Orleans*Said take me home*Take me home*Could feel the sun about to rise*When I realized we had nothing to fear*It's just me and my daddy and a kid named Cope*Making music that nobody would hear*And then the sun let up and it split the night*Said take me home*Take me home*Said take me home*Said take me home*This greyhound is delta bound mama*Baby boy done finally found*Said this greyhound is delta bound mama*Said take me home*Hot damn you should have felt the groove*Like I was swimming in a sea of soul*The sun was rising and the day was hot*And we was all about to lose control*My daddy turned his face up towards the sky*And I knew that there was nothing to lose*I felt the crow breathe in and I closed my eyes*And we disappeared into the groove*Said take me home*Said take me home*Take me home*Said take me home*Straight from the water*Straight from the water children[repeat]*You don't know nothing about this*Take me home*Said take me home[repeat] --Marc Broussard "Home"

That's what I've felt all day...I just want to go home. I keep hearing the chorus over & over again. It's not a bad day...I'm just not equipped to deal with today. I'm not sure what my deal is but I have a LONGING to go home...just to go home. Not too much longer until I"m home...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My dream

I RARELY remember dreams. In a typical year, I'll be able to recall maybe four dreams. I always think I have interesting dreams as I tend to be slightly creative. Whenever I do actually recall a dream, it tends to be very odd.

Sunday night I dreampt about my friend Emily. Emily & I met freshman year of high school in our first period honors science class. We lived only two blocks from each other & had most of our classes together. Despite us moving away to college & living in different states post graduation, we've remained friends: Emily will always have a very special spot in my heart.

In a few short months, Emily will become a Mrs.! I can't wait to see her all dolled up & glowing on her special day. :-) It's going to be wonderful.

My dream was very odd. For some reason, her wedding had moved from Edmond to some small town in Arkansas. I think it was to be closer to some of her fiancee's obscure relatives. I arrive at the hotel by myself. It is a massive luxury hotel. It was the only nice thing around--literally. It was all by itself for a couple of miles--no gas stations, grocery stores, restaraunts...

As I am walking to the elevator, I pass her grandparents, run over, and hug them. I have NEVER met her grandparents but somehow I was bff with them in my dream. I get to my room & Emily is waiting for me in it. She asks if I wanted to go with her to see James' family. Of course, I oblige (you can't deny a bride).

We get into her old mustang convertible & drive about a mile to his relative's house. It's only a mile away from the hotel. Much like the hotel it is the only thing around--it's on a vast open plain. The house is two stories & white. Next to it is a red silo with a white top (much like the silo in my Fisher Price farm play set). When we pull up, a man covered in about fifty snakes walks over to us. Emily & I decide that it might be a good idea to skip greeting him & go in the house.

I'm not frightened--just perplexed. We open the door to the house. It's empty of all furnishings & decorations. It has wooden floors & a large wooden staircase. Inside the house are thousands & thousands of various snakes. The snakes start to slither towards us; we promptly shut the door & run back to the car.

The man covered in snakes follows us & tries to get in the car with us. We drive away--we still have the convertible top down. Back at the hotel I see her parents & brother. I greet them before returning to my massive room. While unpacking my things, I realize my balcony has a swimming pool on it. I change into my swimsuit & go for a dip. The End.

Ok, how odd of a dream is that? It's amazing how many minute details I can remember after a couple of days. Feel free to interpret it--just fill me in on what you think. I told Emily about the dream & asked her to not move the wedding to Arkansas. She just laughed & said it wouldn't be a problem. :-)

Monday, February 18, 2008


Today I wrote a theme song for my pal Shelly. It's a fairly simply tune with lyrics similar to a Pheobe Buffet song. :-) I love it! Shelly, on the other hand, doesn't quite appreciate the subtle genius.

I try to liven the school up on Mondays...espicially today. It's chilly, the trade is back on to get the stupid wife beating player from Jersey, and my school doesn't love President's Day the way most schools do. I'm not going to lie: it was difficult to get up today & I'm sure I'm not the only one who had trouble.

I've decided it might be a good idea to spread the joy by composing some more ridiculous songs about my coworkers. I think I might be on a role...and you can't stop the beat.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day!!!

This is hands down my favorite day of the year! This particular Valentine's day is even sweeter due to a few simple things:

  • Devean George blocking stupid Jason Kidd from the Mavs--Keep it up Devean George! I love you so much!!! You are the reason Diop, Harris, Stack, & two first round drafts are staying here. It makes me want to celebrate...which I will later tonight. ;-)
  • The sky was a beautiful pink and gold for this morning's commute.
  • My new outfit
  • Great hair day--my hair finally is long enough to roll!
  • Flowers & candy from several students
  • my extra long lunch break

I can't stop smiling today. :-) Have a wonderful Valentine's day!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Periodically I decide it's time to reorganize. I may be one of the world's worst about keeping a clean inbox. I have four email accounts I use: one for church, one for school, one for newsletters (i love a newsletter), and one for personal correspondence. I tend to keep tons of superfulous emails because I think one day I MIGHT need to reread a forward from a person I've lost contact with. Ridiculous? Of course...that's the story of my life.

I cleaned out my newsletters account. This was my main email account while in college prior to gmail. I found a couple of emails from guys I used to talk to ALL of the time. The last time I spoke with either was about four or five years ago. I sent them both a very short email to see how they are.

I don't expect to get back in contact with either but I did reread some of the emails. It is amazing how much one person can change but stay the same in a matter of four or five years. I basically have the same desires but I have such a different perception of the world. How that works, I'm not so sure.

I am amazed that I'm somewhat living out the plan I tailored years several things aren't the same as the original plan. I was suppposed to be married to a lumberjack doctor (ie a doctor who likes to cut down trees & make things like cabins on the weekends). I was supposed to be living further west--which is odd b/c I love the east coast so incredibly much.

Maybe the desires of my heart were, for the most part from God rather than from myself. I've changed a lot in the last five years--lots of growth but still a lot of growth left & I mean A LOT left.

It's interesting to think about where I may be in another five years... Maybe I'll have made it to Malawi by then. :-)

Monday, February 4, 2008

the guys

My entire life I've had more guy friends than girl friends. This simple fact has always intrigued me as I tend to be a tad girlie. I can't get enough of the color pink (Elle Woods has nothing on me), I love hot rollers probably more than I should, doing my nails makes me incrdibly proud, Sephora is one of my favorite places ever, and I love anything that sparkles. I never played with G.I. Joes or Legos. I was extremely loyal to my Barbies, She-Ra action figures, Care Bears, and Cabbage Patch Kids. Yet my very first memories tend to be playing tag and catch with Phillip.

Sporting events can leave me slightly perplexed. Hockey fascinates me but I'm certainly not a fan. The only sport that I truly get is basketball. I do love the occassional football game so when the invitation was given to watch the superbowl with the guys, I couldn't say no.

I tried to be as low-key as possible: ie I didn't pretty up for the night, I brought snacks, and knew a little about each team before showing up. I was excited to see a girlfriend & wife with the group of guys. I loved that they were wonderful women who also weren't exactly 'invested' in the game.

We all had such a great time! I even cheered during the last quarter--hehe. Apparently my cheering isn't the ordinary cheering. :-) My favorite part of the entire night was Dave doing his Laila Ali commentary for each team. I tried to counter with a Hulk Hogan impression but it was no where near as good as Dave's Laila--he was on a whole other level.

I look forward to future games with the guys. March madness promises to be a lot of fun--bracket making, game watching parties, and more ridiculous commentary courtesy of the guys. In the mean time, I'll be practicing my "poses" and trying to work on my Hogan.