Friday, July 31, 2009


You know what makes me happy? Laid-back, simple, stormy nights with my favorite person.

Yesterday my stomach & I had a big wasn't pretty. Today we made up which led to a lovely day. I lounged around in my pjs for a while, watched "Carrie" (i forgot just how much of a crazy pill the mom, prettied up, then headed over to Chris'. He did some laundry...I helped. We rested. We watched some silly stuff on tv. We had a pizza. The storms rolled in & we watched.

This was a beautiful & simple day.

Thank You God for this relaxing day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gilmore Girls Quote

Zach: Yeah. Dave, you're a Christian. So what? That's cool.
Brian: It's nothing to hide.
Zach: Christians can still rock.
Dave: They can?
Lane: Yeah, yeah, Dave. Christians can still rock, don't hide it.
Zach: Marshall Stacks don't know Christians from atheists.
Dave: Gosh, I just wasn't sure if you guys would be accepting of my devoutness.
Brian: Dave, it's a part of you, and we think you're cool, so it's cool.
Dave: Great. Thanks, guys.
Zach: But no way are we playing Creed, man.
Dave: Oh, no, of course not.
Zach: Or Amy Grant. That's where we draw the line.


I too draw the line at Creed & Amy Grant.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Teaching camp Bible study last week left me exhausted. It was the equivalent of doing 3 weekend services five days in a row. To combat this for next week, Chris graciously agreed to workout with me.

Now you have to understand Chris is thin but he's ripped. The kid is in good shape & is naturally athletic. I am naturally thin & am pretty lacking in the coordination department. So when we work out together, it's typically a comical sight....and you get to see my persuasiveness in action.

Last night we did upper body. I HATE upper body with a passion. My arms are thin enough...and really do I need to lift ridiculously heavy things? Nope. Chris did some free weights while I did the machines. I did a set on each upper body machine & happily skipped over to Chris.

"Are you ready?" --sb
"To do another set of everything? Yes." --Chris
"What?" --sb (smile leaves)
"We need to do at least two sets of everything." --Chris
"But I don't hurt right now & I did a set of everything." --sb (with puppy dog eyes)
"So you need to do some free weights too. Eventually we'll do three sets of everything. One set is just a warm up." --Chris

So I did another set of everything & my arms aren't too pleased with my boyfriend. All I want to know is why my triceps hate me today.

After work, we'll do lower body. After work, Chris will turn into Bob Harper again. This working out thing is making me really appreciate The Biggest Loser. Those people are even more amazing than I give them credit--after one set, I was ready to quit.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

last week

It's Tuesday. Super Cute Tuesday for Alisha, Carolyn, and myself. We without planning it, all came in super cute today & I think this is due to the storms from the past two days. Of course, our hair will be up in a pony tail in humidity like that--I just can't rock a fro like I used to. (wink)

It's so good to be back in the office for a taste of normalcy...kinda. Last week I was at Allaso Ranch. Our church has been so incredibly blessed to be able to have this camp. It truly is a place for life change. While we were at camp, I was able to teach about 300 precious kids everyday. I also got to zipline & swim with these kids too...rough but someone's got to do it.

I came home on Saturday, changed clothes, and did service. Sunday I woke up with NO VOICE! Crazy times. After services, I headed over to Chris' Mamaw's house for his daddy's birthday lunch. Storms rolled through so I ended up staying until around 9. It was really sweet to wtch the storms with Chris on the back porch. I asked him if we could do this when we were old...even if we had metal hips. He said we could. :-)

Monday was ridiculous. I was in a haze all day. I couldn't focus, I couldn't correctly formulate sentences, I was a mess! A mess with a voice though. We decided working out wasn't our best choice for after work (seriously me with weights would have been an accident waiting to happen), so we went desk shopping.

Yes, desk shopping--no, not for office supplies. As you know I work in a children's ministry. Our office is full of color & toys. Poor Chris only has three fun pieces on his desk...something that just doesn't seem right. We hit up Toys R Us, Boomerang Comics, Target, Dollar Tree, and WalMart. Chris now has lots of fun items for his desk.

Today I feel much more composed. I have a clear direction on what I need to write for the next three weekends of services. It feels good. I also get to go shopping for camp prizes today!

Now to give you a head's up, I fully intend on filling you in on the happenings at Allaso Ranch but that will be for a much more together, longer post.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anniversary Date!

This past Wednesday was my one year anniversary with Chris! {We went out on Friday though as my sweet baby (she's 10 but she's still the baby of the fam) was staying with me until Thursday.} This year has flown by & I am so incredibly thankful to have such a God-ly man in my life.

Chris planned our date--he wouldn't tell me what we were doing but he did tell me our date had three parts: an outdoors portion, dinner, and a movie. Planning out what to wear was difficult--do I pack a gym bag, how do I fix my hair, and what shoes should I wear?

You can guessed that I tried to figure out what we were doing for a while...and was very unsuccessful. He did give me enough information while I was getting ready to know just to dress pretty & not bring a gym bag.

We went to downtown Fort Worth. Stop number one: Fort Worth Water Gardens. I have lived here for three years & had no idea this existed. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but here's a link of some beautiful shots--we climbed the steps down the active pool. I was a little nervous as I was in about 3.5 in heels but he kept me safe. I didn't slip or trip once thanks to him.

After exploring this incredible oasis, we walked to dinner. Sure we had the option to drive but it was such a beautiful night & I LOVE downtown Ft Worth. While we were walking he asked me if I had any idea of where we were going to dinner. Of course, I said no, so he gave me a hint: it's like a cousin of your favorite food. I guessed Brazilian food & shock of all shocks--I was right!

We went to Texas de Brazil for dinner. I'd heard of it but wasn't too sure what all was in store. We went to the 'salad' bar--oh my goodness: sushi, fancy cheese, and tons of really cool stuff were on this circular salad bar. I tried a few new things including the soup of the day: lobster bisque.

We had little round cards to flip over--the green side means bring food, the red side means stop. Servers walk around with a variety of meat & cut you off a portion. I think I had about ten different types of meat. This place was incredible--so yummy! Dessert also was incredible--I love this place & hope it becomes an anniversary tradition.

As we spent so long at dinner we missed the showing of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince at the downtown theatre but thankfully an 11:45 showing was going on at Grapevine Mills. We headed back over & the movie was great.

Chris knocked it out of the park--this date was better than I expected & he is so thoughtful! I can't wait to see what this next year holds!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

happy happy camp camp yay!

We leave for church camp in three days...three days. Allaso Ranch is a tremendous blessing. Our church opened it last year & we are so thankful! We love it. I can't wait!

I could, however, use a substantial amount of more time....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the ring is coming soon...

Today little 8 year old Sidney was in our office. Her mom is an AMAZING volunteer & Sidney was just kicking around. Literally. The girl stole my shoes--I chased, tackled, and tickled her. She is so funny. She calls Chris 'Fuzz' based on a previous character he's played.

This afternoon I'm at my desk, just typing away, when she comes over & plops down in Chris' chair.

"Where does Fuzz sit?" --Sidney
I point at where she's sitting.
"Oh. You like Chris." --Sidney
"Yes. I do like Chris. I love him." --sb
"You love him?" --Sidney with a sly grin
"I'm going to say something that sounds weird. I mean, it will sound really weird. I kinda don't want to say it because of how weird it'll sound." --Sidney with a very mischievous look
"Ok" --sb with a smile
"It's weird." sigh. "The ring is coming." --Sidney with a look of anticipation
"Ok." --sb with a confused smile
"No. The ring is coming soon." --Sidney with an even greater look of anticipation
"You're getting a ring?" --sb purposefully not showing comprehension
Sidney points at Chris' desk.
"Chris is getting a ring?"--sb
"No. The ring is coming soon." --Sidney slightly frustrated
"Chris is giving me ring soon? He's going to ask me to marry him & give me a ring?"--sb with a sly smile
"YES!" --Sidney with a very happy look
"Do you know when?" --sb
"The ring is coming soon." --Sidney with a sly look
Chris enters. Sidney looks away from him.

Now I'm curious as to why she thinks that. Chris isn't going to propose to me this week or any time soon. I like not knowing. I also like other people thinking they know when I'll be engaged. I think I might make a score card for when people ask, how they ask, and give a prize to the person who comes up with the most creative way of asking me about it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We have very different takes on how to spend time while waiting for a table...I think pictures are fun to take & he, well, doesn't quite agree.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

still learning...

Do you ever find when God is trying to teach you something, He tends to bring it up over and over again? You have difficulty sleeping, focusing, and you get cranky... Is it just me? I tend to think that after the first time, I've got it. This is clearly not the case as the Holy Spirit continues to remind me about patience...

I like to read the Stuff Christians Like Blog. Today the post is about the gift of the desert road. In my face--totally in my face. It's a fresh perspective that I needed...I was humbled and challenged by this.

Monday, July 6, 2009

little things

I love hymns. I have my very own Baptist Hymnal on my bookshelf. During my teenage years, I could tell you what hymn we were singing the moment the number was announced. I love, love, love hymns.

One hymn in particular (song 644 in my edition of the bh) is Count Your Many Blessings. It talks about how when you feel everything is crashing in and you take stock of your life, how surprised you'll be by just how many blessings God has given you.

Let me recap my day for you:
1. woke up after a lovely night's rest
2. was able to get ready in remarkable time
3. reviewed/edited three Elevate lessons
4. had lunch with my boyfriend
5. traffic was exceptionally light
6. helped dog sit (translation: i played with cosita)
7. my boyfriend made us dinner (tacos my favorite)
8. shot basketball with him
9. watched 1/2 of the bachelorette with him (and he hardly complained at all)
10. played three rounds of mario kart with chris before i left
11. bought gas for $0.06 cheaper than usual

So nothing particularly stellar happened today but I am in awe of just how all of these little things made for a beautiful Monday. Thank You Jesus for today!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Show Me the Money!

Please watch! My church is having a contest & the most views's the guys' in my office take on Jerry Maguire!

Friday, July 3, 2009

There Will Be Blood

i'm almost finished with this movie and i'm sooo incredibly tense. i can't believe heart is RACING...and i keep trying to distract myself with other things so i won't be like this.

my love of stories sometimes makes it too intense...

i'm probably going to be on this for a if you have any insights from the movie, please let me know.

Sully & Stories

My boyfriend made fun of my tribute to Gizmo...clearly he doesn't understand all of the milestones we had. He also is mad at Sully for no reason in particular and doesn't seem to get why my cars have names and personalities. So let me try to clear this up some:

Although I have a half brother and a sister, they were both out of the house by the time I was ten. Prior to that, they were typically out doing something leaving me at the house. I was the only kid in my neighborhood by the age of 6. My father was always at work. My mother left me to explore a lot: translation--I had a lot of solitary play as a child.

Through all of this solitary play, my imagination grew much stronger. My barbies had elaborate story lines--every day it was like a soap opera (usually between barbie & skipper). I would pick up where i left off whenever i'd play. In my backyard, I was She*Ra Princess of Power with my trusty Lucky Dog as my valiant steed. Teddy Ruxpin told me hours of stories (so much so, he tragically lost his bottom lip).

I entertained myself by making up stories. To this day, I LOVE stories--books, movies, tv shows, plays--and when I get bored (or don't feel like exploring any stories I know) I tend to make up stories. Rarely do I write them down but they make me happy. Sometimes I share them with others, sometimes not. My cars play a big part in my stories as I'm in them so much. Of course they take on personalities--Transformers do that and nobody thinks it's odd. I do it and suddenly my boyfriend thinks I'm a crazypill. sigh.

Am I the only one who does this? Surely i can't be...right?