Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anniversary Date!

This past Wednesday was my one year anniversary with Chris! {We went out on Friday though as my sweet baby (she's 10 but she's still the baby of the fam) was staying with me until Thursday.} This year has flown by & I am so incredibly thankful to have such a God-ly man in my life.

Chris planned our date--he wouldn't tell me what we were doing but he did tell me our date had three parts: an outdoors portion, dinner, and a movie. Planning out what to wear was difficult--do I pack a gym bag, how do I fix my hair, and what shoes should I wear?

You can guessed that I tried to figure out what we were doing for a while...and was very unsuccessful. He did give me enough information while I was getting ready to know just to dress pretty & not bring a gym bag.

We went to downtown Fort Worth. Stop number one: Fort Worth Water Gardens. I have lived here for three years & had no idea this existed. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but here's a link of some beautiful shots--we climbed the steps down the active pool. I was a little nervous as I was in about 3.5 in heels but he kept me safe. I didn't slip or trip once thanks to him.

After exploring this incredible oasis, we walked to dinner. Sure we had the option to drive but it was such a beautiful night & I LOVE downtown Ft Worth. While we were walking he asked me if I had any idea of where we were going to dinner. Of course, I said no, so he gave me a hint: it's like a cousin of your favorite food. I guessed Brazilian food & shock of all shocks--I was right!

We went to Texas de Brazil for dinner. I'd heard of it but wasn't too sure what all was in store. We went to the 'salad' bar--oh my goodness: sushi, fancy cheese, and tons of really cool stuff were on this circular salad bar. I tried a few new things including the soup of the day: lobster bisque.

We had little round cards to flip over--the green side means bring food, the red side means stop. Servers walk around with a variety of meat & cut you off a portion. I think I had about ten different types of meat. This place was incredible--so yummy! Dessert also was incredible--I love this place & hope it becomes an anniversary tradition.

As we spent so long at dinner we missed the showing of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince at the downtown theatre but thankfully an 11:45 showing was going on at Grapevine Mills. We headed back over & the movie was great.

Chris knocked it out of the park--this date was better than I expected & he is so thoughtful! I can't wait to see what this next year holds!

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Amber said...

Awesome. I once critiqued a texas de Brazil ad for one of my college classes. It looked amazing! The ad was extravagant! I am so glad you had great time! Congrats on your 1st year!