Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Teaching camp Bible study last week left me exhausted. It was the equivalent of doing 3 weekend services five days in a row. To combat this for next week, Chris graciously agreed to workout with me.

Now you have to understand Chris is thin but he's ripped. The kid is in good shape & is naturally athletic. I am naturally thin & am pretty lacking in the coordination department. So when we work out together, it's typically a comical sight....and you get to see my persuasiveness in action.

Last night we did upper body. I HATE upper body with a passion. My arms are thin enough...and really do I need to lift ridiculously heavy things? Nope. Chris did some free weights while I did the machines. I did a set on each upper body machine & happily skipped over to Chris.

"Are you ready?" --sb
"To do another set of everything? Yes." --Chris
"What?" --sb (smile leaves)
"We need to do at least two sets of everything." --Chris
"But I don't hurt right now & I did a set of everything." --sb (with puppy dog eyes)
"So you need to do some free weights too. Eventually we'll do three sets of everything. One set is just a warm up." --Chris

So I did another set of everything & my arms aren't too pleased with my boyfriend. All I want to know is why my triceps hate me today.

After work, we'll do lower body. After work, Chris will turn into Bob Harper again. This working out thing is making me really appreciate The Biggest Loser. Those people are even more amazing than I give them credit--after one set, I was ready to quit.

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