Tuesday, July 28, 2009

last week

It's Tuesday. Super Cute Tuesday for Alisha, Carolyn, and myself. We without planning it, all came in super cute today & I think this is due to the storms from the past two days. Of course, our hair will be up in a pony tail in humidity like that--I just can't rock a fro like I used to. (wink)

It's so good to be back in the office for a taste of normalcy...kinda. Last week I was at Allaso Ranch. Our church has been so incredibly blessed to be able to have this camp. It truly is a place for life change. While we were at camp, I was able to teach about 300 precious kids everyday. I also got to zipline & swim with these kids too...rough but someone's got to do it.

I came home on Saturday, changed clothes, and did service. Sunday I woke up with NO VOICE! Crazy times. After services, I headed over to Chris' Mamaw's house for his daddy's birthday lunch. Storms rolled through so I ended up staying until around 9. It was really sweet to wtch the storms with Chris on the back porch. I asked him if we could do this when we were old...even if we had metal hips. He said we could. :-)

Monday was ridiculous. I was in a haze all day. I couldn't focus, I couldn't correctly formulate sentences, I was a mess! A mess with a voice though. We decided working out wasn't our best choice for after work (seriously me with weights would have been an accident waiting to happen), so we went desk shopping.

Yes, desk shopping--no, not for office supplies. As you know I work in a children's ministry. Our office is full of color & toys. Poor Chris only has three fun pieces on his desk...something that just doesn't seem right. We hit up Toys R Us, Boomerang Comics, Target, Dollar Tree, and WalMart. Chris now has lots of fun items for his desk.

Today I feel much more composed. I have a clear direction on what I need to write for the next three weekends of services. It feels good. I also get to go shopping for camp prizes today!

Now to give you a head's up, I fully intend on filling you in on the happenings at Allaso Ranch but that will be for a much more together, longer post.

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