Friday, July 3, 2009

Sully & Stories

My boyfriend made fun of my tribute to Gizmo...clearly he doesn't understand all of the milestones we had. He also is mad at Sully for no reason in particular and doesn't seem to get why my cars have names and personalities. So let me try to clear this up some:

Although I have a half brother and a sister, they were both out of the house by the time I was ten. Prior to that, they were typically out doing something leaving me at the house. I was the only kid in my neighborhood by the age of 6. My father was always at work. My mother left me to explore a lot: translation--I had a lot of solitary play as a child.

Through all of this solitary play, my imagination grew much stronger. My barbies had elaborate story lines--every day it was like a soap opera (usually between barbie & skipper). I would pick up where i left off whenever i'd play. In my backyard, I was She*Ra Princess of Power with my trusty Lucky Dog as my valiant steed. Teddy Ruxpin told me hours of stories (so much so, he tragically lost his bottom lip).

I entertained myself by making up stories. To this day, I LOVE stories--books, movies, tv shows, plays--and when I get bored (or don't feel like exploring any stories I know) I tend to make up stories. Rarely do I write them down but they make me happy. Sometimes I share them with others, sometimes not. My cars play a big part in my stories as I'm in them so much. Of course they take on personalities--Transformers do that and nobody thinks it's odd. I do it and suddenly my boyfriend thinks I'm a crazypill. sigh.

Am I the only one who does this? Surely i can't be...right?

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