Monday, July 6, 2009

little things

I love hymns. I have my very own Baptist Hymnal on my bookshelf. During my teenage years, I could tell you what hymn we were singing the moment the number was announced. I love, love, love hymns.

One hymn in particular (song 644 in my edition of the bh) is Count Your Many Blessings. It talks about how when you feel everything is crashing in and you take stock of your life, how surprised you'll be by just how many blessings God has given you.

Let me recap my day for you:
1. woke up after a lovely night's rest
2. was able to get ready in remarkable time
3. reviewed/edited three Elevate lessons
4. had lunch with my boyfriend
5. traffic was exceptionally light
6. helped dog sit (translation: i played with cosita)
7. my boyfriend made us dinner (tacos my favorite)
8. shot basketball with him
9. watched 1/2 of the bachelorette with him (and he hardly complained at all)
10. played three rounds of mario kart with chris before i left
11. bought gas for $0.06 cheaper than usual

So nothing particularly stellar happened today but I am in awe of just how all of these little things made for a beautiful Monday. Thank You Jesus for today!


Amber said...

Ok, i seriously love hymns too. Tell me without looking...what is #189?

Amber said...

Good guess. I only know it b/c it's my dad's favorite. I know it's easy to forget b/c we dont use hymn books like we used to. Everything is on a screen or handout.