Thursday, September 30, 2010

31 days

I'm getting married in 31 stinkin' fast is that?

The plan: get married in Las Vegas in a hot air balloon on Halloween. It's fun. It's quirky. It's us. Plus it doesn't allow me time to stress out and turn into bridezilla....which actually (i'm sorry to say) is an actual concern. Plus it gives us a moment that's just ours.

We're planning on having a reception in November. We'll show the engagement & the ceremony to our guests, have cake, and celebrate. Those details aren't hammered out just yet but should be finalized by this weekend....which would mean I could send out invitations next week.

I can't wait!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Ring!

I didn't think the pictures I took of it did the ring justice so please enjoy the short video. :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010



I'm 28 years old today & I can't believe how much God has already blessed me on this day!

I woke up this morning, put on my adorable new birthday cardigan (thanks Wade!) & headed out to Starbucks. The morning was beautiful & I couldn't help but just thank Jesus for such a great day! I got a scone & a pumpkin spice latte (thanks Mom!) before heading into work.

I was able to visit with a volunteer, update my weekend rosters, and was feeling a little nervous for the weekend. I really needed about 35 more slots filled so I started praying God would provide.

I went to birthday lunch at one of my favorite places in dfw: La Hacienda Ranch. It's yummy but the over the top decor is what really draws me in. I love that it's crazy ranch decorations & that they have such delicious tortillas. It was a huge blessing to have so many friends able to make it.

I come back & start work. I see an email from our pastor's wife saying a local bakery had donated cupcakes for our staff & they would be delivered at 3. SCORE! I get a text from PT our director for our children's curriculum asking me if I can be an extra in the video shoot. This day keeps getting better & better!

I get a delicious chocolate cupcake (so good!) before heading up to the shoot. I get my mic on & am so thankful I get to be a part of this shoot. It's a Christmas themed shoot so it's really an amazing set! My role was to shop in the candy section until a store clerk took me to another part of the store. This was to be a cut away shot for different transitions. Easy enough! After all, I'd probably be shopping in the candy section anyway....ahhh Candy!

With all four cameras rolling, Chris (in a horse costume) taps me on the shoulder as I'm shopping in the candy section. I don't think anything weird about a horse working in the shop since he had been in an earlier scene. He leads me to the middle of the stage, takes off his horse costume, and he's in a tuxedo. Chris says, "You've had a pretty great day today. I was wondering if you could help me have a really great day too. Will you marry me?" My response: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!

I turn & friends and family are there to congratulate us! I can't believe it! I was totally surprised! I should be able to post a video of it before too long too which just blows me away!

This is truly my best birthday ever & I can't believe it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sprouts (a love letter)

Dear Sprouts,
I have a history of making bad food choices. It starts with a cup of coffee then a pop tart then before you know I'm spiraling out of control due to all of the crazy sugar and preservatives I've eaten. The problem is that I love junk food. I do. I grew up on it--it takes me to my happy place. It feels like home....
Then one day I was introduced to you. You and your organic farmer's market produce, bakery, deli, and ready to eat meals. It was love at first taste! Whenever I go to get groceries, you enable me to make good choices! You make me not miss Taco Bell and that is a feat that has never been done.
I love you! Thank you for your premade meals too! I am currently enjoy a pork chop with stuffing and fresh vegetables. It is delightful! I also bought a snack: fresh organic mixed nuts & blackberries.
I feel myself getting healthier all because of you! Could you make a version of Mountain Dew? Then my diet would be perfect!
Sarah Beth