Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sprouts (a love letter)

Dear Sprouts,
I have a history of making bad food choices. It starts with a cup of coffee then a pop tart then before you know I'm spiraling out of control due to all of the crazy sugar and preservatives I've eaten. The problem is that I love junk food. I do. I grew up on it--it takes me to my happy place. It feels like home....
Then one day I was introduced to you. You and your organic farmer's market produce, bakery, deli, and ready to eat meals. It was love at first taste! Whenever I go to get groceries, you enable me to make good choices! You make me not miss Taco Bell and that is a feat that has never been done.
I love you! Thank you for your premade meals too! I am currently enjoy a pork chop with stuffing and fresh vegetables. It is delightful! I also bought a snack: fresh organic mixed nuts & blackberries.
I feel myself getting healthier all because of you! Could you make a version of Mountain Dew? Then my diet would be perfect!
Sarah Beth

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