Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My dream

I RARELY remember dreams. In a typical year, I'll be able to recall maybe four dreams. I always think I have interesting dreams as I tend to be slightly creative. Whenever I do actually recall a dream, it tends to be very odd.

Sunday night I dreampt about my friend Emily. Emily & I met freshman year of high school in our first period honors science class. We lived only two blocks from each other & had most of our classes together. Despite us moving away to college & living in different states post graduation, we've remained friends: Emily will always have a very special spot in my heart.

In a few short months, Emily will become a Mrs.! I can't wait to see her all dolled up & glowing on her special day. :-) It's going to be wonderful.

My dream was very odd. For some reason, her wedding had moved from Edmond to some small town in Arkansas. I think it was to be closer to some of her fiancee's obscure relatives. I arrive at the hotel by myself. It is a massive luxury hotel. It was the only nice thing around--literally. It was all by itself for a couple of miles--no gas stations, grocery stores, restaraunts...

As I am walking to the elevator, I pass her grandparents, run over, and hug them. I have NEVER met her grandparents but somehow I was bff with them in my dream. I get to my room & Emily is waiting for me in it. She asks if I wanted to go with her to see James' family. Of course, I oblige (you can't deny a bride).

We get into her old mustang convertible & drive about a mile to his relative's house. It's only a mile away from the hotel. Much like the hotel it is the only thing around--it's on a vast open plain. The house is two stories & white. Next to it is a red silo with a white top (much like the silo in my Fisher Price farm play set). When we pull up, a man covered in about fifty snakes walks over to us. Emily & I decide that it might be a good idea to skip greeting him & go in the house.

I'm not frightened--just perplexed. We open the door to the house. It's empty of all furnishings & decorations. It has wooden floors & a large wooden staircase. Inside the house are thousands & thousands of various snakes. The snakes start to slither towards us; we promptly shut the door & run back to the car.

The man covered in snakes follows us & tries to get in the car with us. We drive away--we still have the convertible top down. Back at the hotel I see her parents & brother. I greet them before returning to my massive room. While unpacking my things, I realize my balcony has a swimming pool on it. I change into my swimsuit & go for a dip. The End.

Ok, how odd of a dream is that? It's amazing how many minute details I can remember after a couple of days. Feel free to interpret it--just fill me in on what you think. I told Emily about the dream & asked her to not move the wedding to Arkansas. She just laughed & said it wouldn't be a problem. :-)

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