Wednesday, June 23, 2010

update on Life Style Change

  • The first week of insanity work outs went really well. I made four out of the five (I missed one due to gathering supplies for the weekend which took longer than expected). That Friday night I played in 3 softball games. Good stuff.
  • The second week of insanity work outs went really not well. I made one out of the five. Yep. One. I feel like I got pretty ok workout at mini-camp. I played softball on Friday.
  • This is the third week of insanity. I made the work out yesterday. Today my hammies feel like they're on fire. That's my tip off that I'm getting back into the groove of things. Plus I have a double header for softball this weekend.
  • I'm drinking a ton of water daily & fewer sodas. I'm not even missing Mountain Dew. This blows my mind just a tad.
  • Food choices still aren't the best but they aren't the worst. It's a slow but steady process I think.
  • I did buy five candy bars while in line at Target the other day....and I've eaten two of them. I'm proud to say I ate the two of them on separate days.
  • I can tell a difference in my muscle tone despite the lackluster commitment to work outs. Yay Insanity!

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