Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Supplies

After two hours of scavenging, I am only four items away from getting all of the school supplies needed for tomorrow. Our church is having a back to school drive & I adopted one of the boys in my room. I can't wait to give him his Cowboys backpack bursting with all of those back to school goodies.

I was amazed at some of the deals ($0.25 for a box of crayons, $0.15 for a notebook, $0.35 for a ruler) and slightly surprised at the cost of some items ($4 for a binder, really?). Four items on the list are a bit elusive (specific art paper & red pens) but tomorrow morning before heading into the office, I plan to hit up the office supply stores to mark those off my list.

Challenge: have you thought about picking up some school supplies & donating them to local schools? Think about it: you spending a dollar on crayons (or folders or whatever ridiculously cheap item you prefer) could definitely brighten some students' year. It could also brighten the teacher's year too...that means less money out of their budget (we all know education isn't funded like it should be & teachers are underpaid).

And on a totally unrelated note, buying school supplies causes me to think of bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils which leads me to think of my favorite romantic comedy of all time: "You've Got Mail".

Joe Fox: So what's his handle?
Kathleen Kelly: Uh...
Joe Fox: I'm not going to write him, if that's what you're worried about. You think I'm going to e-mail him?
Kathleen Kelly: All right... NY152.
Joe Fox: N-Y-one-five-two. One hundred and fifty-two. He's... one hundred and fifty-two years old. He's had one hundred and fifty-two moles removed, so now he's got one hundred and fifty-two pock marks on his face.
Kathleen Kelly: The number of people who think he looks like Clark Gable.
Joe Fox: One hundred and fifty-two people who think he looks like a Clark BAR.
Kathleen Kelly: [laughing] Why did I ever tell you this?
Joe Fox: One hundred and fifty-two stitches from his nose job. The number of souvenir shot glasses that he's collected in his travels.
Kathleen Kelly: No! The number... his address? No, no, he would never do anything that prosaic.

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Marty said...

It took me forever to find the red pens for my student too!