Friday, August 28, 2009


Last week Mitch & Jennie were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL baby girl: Colbie. I've been known to babysit their oldest: Carly (quite possibly the cutest 2 year old in the world). Wednesday I went over to their house & met this gorgeous baby girl. She is TINY & PERFECT! The best part of the visit was watching Carly with her baby sister.

She is a precious big sister. She showed me the proper way to hold Colbie (she cradled her arms & swung them from side to side). She also showed me how to give Colbie kisses & how to hug her. Carly is so proud of her baby sister. It's so sweet to watch! Unfortunately I was too enamored to take out my camera--but I plan on visiting those precious sisters soon...and when I do, no worries, I'll post b/c trust me, it will melt your heart!

**Update: I got a few pics from Mitch....I told you they were sweet!!!

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