Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Summer is officially over. 3 weeks of church camp & a weekend of family fun festing are finished. Now it's time to look at the possibilities for the fall: classes, retreats, and before you know it, Christmas services.

Since things are slowing down, I think it's time to find a routine. Tonight Chris & I played Mario Cart then went to the movies. We had movie dinner meaning he had a milkshake & I had most of a funnel cake. This is fun for every now and then but I need to get into a routine of cooking dinner & not allowing my laundry to pile up for weeks.

I'm not quite sure how that will look or how to accomplish it, so suggestions are welcome.

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Marty said...

I wouldn't say I have a cooking routine but what I do is make a list of the various meals I would like to eat over the week (or two) and buy the groceries needed. Then I know that I have food at home and depending on the day I can make whatever sounds good. I always make sure to include a few "quick" meal ideas to help reduce the temptation to grab something from a drive thru.

One other I am learning to do is use my crock pot. Dump whatever sounds good into it and when you get home a nice warm meal is waiting for you.

As for the laundry I know when it piles up it never seems to go away. One suggestion I have is take it all to a laundramat and do it all at one time then you are not playing catch up and you're not spending an entire day or two doing laundry. After you're caught up everytime you notice you have a full load just wash it.