Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

A note has been circulating on facebook called "25 Random Things" in which friends (and myself) have listed (you guessed it) 25 random things. I've discovered I greatly enjoy writing random things about myself...just off the wall, for no good reason, 'facts' that no one actually needs to know. So for you, blogging world, I am writing another 25 random things.

  1. I still think "You've Got Mail" has some of the best quotes ever.
  2. I would buy Girl Scout cookies multiple times a year...please Girl Scouts of America sell your delicious, wonderful cookies more than once a year!
  3. I prefer Pepsi products to Coke products but do enjoy both.
  4. I HATE dancing movies.
  5. I enjoy cooking but don't feel as motivated to cook if Chris isn't in town.
  6. I really love argyle. I made a flyer for my students with an argyle background to help them learn the Bible verse. I bought Chris three argyle sweaters at Christmas. I own multiple pairs of argyle socks.
  7. I love knee socks. I wear them as often as possible. I think this is partially from watching "Clueless" countless times and partially because I tend to stay cold.
  8. Despite staying cold, I still eat ice. My iron isn't low...I just really like to crunch on ice.
  9. I give blood almost every time I'm asked. I love doing this. I love, love, love it.
  10. I hate when Disney makes sequels to animated classics.
  11. My favorite pair of pjs are pink flannel with bunnies wearing boots, scarves, and mittens doing winter sports. They are comfy, warm, and adorable.
  12. I own a moo-moo thanks to Amanda B's generosity. I wear it on a bi-weekly basis, if not more often. I love it!
  13. I can always watch "Family Matters" and "The Golden Girls". Always.
  14. I don't like to decorate for Christmas...not b/c I'm a scrooge but b/c I tend to be a perfectionist when I do it. I don't like that side of me so much.
  15. I'm really excited to own a dog again one day. I plan on going to the pound to pick out a pooch.
  16. My hands are very large. Chris enjoys calling them 'mands.'
  17. I tried to write a novel in fourth grade. I made my story center around two sisters. The narrator was the younger sister and I based her on me. She, however, didn't have wavy brown hair and brown eyes; she had straight red hair and green eyes. The older sister was based on my sister but I didn't change her appearance.
  18. I sing and typically dance while driving even when I am not alone.
  19. When I blogged on xanga, I posted almost daily. Of course, that was when I was in college.
  20. I honestly don't know what my favorite flower is.
  21. I can't watch "The Notebook" without audibly sobbing multiple times. Poor Chris didn't know what to do with me when he so graciously watched it with me. Thankfully he held me and passed me the tissues.
  22. I love thinking about my Poppy Earl. He was a grizzled, old marine with multiple tattoos (including a scantily clad lady on his forearm). He had a glass eye and loved to cook. He is the reason why I love coffee--he gave it to me when I was three for the first time. I can't have coffee without thinking about him and smiling.
  23. I desire to have fraternal twins: a boy and a girl.
  24. I have a very deep dimple in each of my cheeks. When I was little, I would puff my cheeks out with air to get rid of them. Now I love them as I realize they aren't craters in my face.
  25. I enjoy costumes. I typically think of about 87 different Halloween costumes each year. You have no idea how excited I was to learn that Halloween is Chris' favorite holiday!

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