Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have a confession. I really enjoy ridiculous shows on vh1. I could watch New York do anything...that girl is pure entertainment. Charm School is addictive. I could care less about Brett Michael's quest for love but for the most part, if it's on vh1, chances are at some point I will watch it.

Why is that? I can't relate to any of the people on the shows...sometimes we have a similar background but other than that, no tie exists. I know it's a ridiculous show yet still I tune in. Chris has been very patient with this and I reward his patience by not making him watch the shows.

I think part of the reason is human drama is inescapable. I grew up with a lot of drama in my life. I praise God for keeping me safe and showing me ways to get out of drama. If you knew my background, you would be amazed by how gracious God truly is. Since my life is pretty drama free now, is that why I tune into drama filled vh1 shows?

Seriously, is that my deal? Is this how I remind myself of how my life could have been? Or is it because secretly I like the drama...and even love the drama when it isn't happening to me? I'm not sure...really some rational explanation must exist.

Recently a girl I hardly know has been trying to cause drama in my life. I've been praying for her. I've not responded to the drama attempts in an effort to quiet her efforts. I'm left totally perplexed. Drama on tv = good. Trying to causing drama in an almost stranger's life = not good. Why do people do this? What is the reward for causing drama in someone's life? Is there a reward? How long will she keep at this until she finally lets go and moves on?

Thankfully God works all things together for good. Maybe this will cause me to give up the upcoming season of "I Love Money" on vh1...maybe this will enable me to say goodbye to the teen idols and New York. Maybe, just maybe, I will let go of my vh1 habit and replace it with something worthwhile like gardening or a bedazzling business.

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