Thursday, January 22, 2009

long distance

My wonderful boyfriend lives about five hours away (or a short hour flight) until May 9. All but about two months of our relationship have been long distance. This has been such a blessing. It's caused us to really focus on our communication. Every night we have a phone date & talk for typically an hour and a half. It's so great to hear about his day, share about mine, and just talk about random things.

Lately our conversations have been much more random. We share about our days and then just go off the deep end. We talk about ridiculous things and I love it. On Monday he made me take a 'true colors' personality test. We scored the same: we have the same order of color. (on the test you are all four colors with some being more dominant than others) Perhaps we have these ridiculous conversations because we are the boy and girl versions of each other.

What's nice is that we do have some differences. He doesn't freak out whenever the rat repellent commercial comes on. That's very good as any time it plays I am PARALYZED with fear. He doesn't like to read and I do. We have enough differences to keep things interesting.

It's always fun to find one of those differences in our conversations. It's also really fun to have so much in common. Mainly, it's just fun to be his girlfriend.

In a couple of weeks, he'll fly home for an entire weekend. I love when this happens. We always have our special day on Friday. Saturday after church we typically have family time with his fantastic family. Sundays we play it by ear but last fall was primarily football watching/me napping afternoons and wii nights with his family.

I can't wait to see what else God is going to do in our relationship. :-)

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