Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Today was my first official Valentine's Day with a boyfriend. Last night we had our wonderful Valentine's Date. We had a great time--quirky fun.

We did some not traditional Valentine's activities today. We went to his little brother and cousin's upwards basketball game then to lunch with the fam at chick-fil-a before I headed up to the church for services.

After service (which was wonderful!!!) we headed to the movies and he very graciously let me select the movie. What did we watch? Friday the 13th. Yep, I selected Friday the 13th for our Valentine's movie. Chris isn't a slasher movie fan but he agreed to see it b/c he knows of my deep love for the franchise. I must say the remake is the best slasher film I have seen in quite some time--thank you Michael Bay for being part of this and making it even better than I had imagined.

For dinner we hit up Taco Bell (my favorite fast food in the world). So pretty sure today Chris did every little thing I wanted to do. And how did I repay him for treating me like a princess (yes even princesses can love slasher films and tacos)? I almost broke his nose. He walked me to my car when I suddenly stopped while he was still walking resulting in him with a very sore nose. Yikes! Poor Chris.

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