Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celly Phone

I've had a love hate relationship with my celly phone since I first purchased it in July 2007. To be fair, I had it out for this phone before I even bought it...backstory: I'm playing ultimate frisbee. I leave my keys, nalgene, and phone on a picnic table. As we're playing, it starts to rain. I don't think about rescuing my phone as I thought it was covered by an extra frisbee plus i was really enjoying the soft summer rain. As you can imagine my phone died right then and there. Now it's important to know this is the most wonderful cell phone I've ever had. It was an adorable lg slider that was tiny. TINY. and i loved it. *sigh* I went to the sprint store to get a new phone that afternoon and was appalled at the lack of quality cool phones. I opted for a krzr (the even smaller version of a rzr).

I hated the krzr. Why didn't I buy a new phone you ask? The hatred didn't set in until a few months after then I was teaching and working at the church so I didn't have a lot of time to look for a new phone. As time passed my battery life was virtually nonexistent. My phone wouldn't receive texts or calls at times. It was FRUSTRATING. I thought about getting a new phone but then I started to date Chris. He's on AT&T so my plan switched: wait until my contract is up and then get on AT&T. So what's another year? I could power through...I would power through.

Today I noticed my screen wouldn't load. It was totally white. I couldn't even call out. CRAZY. I tried turning it off and on, taking out the battery, you know the usual stuff. Nothing worked. So today I went to the Sprint store with the thought of purchasing the cheapest phone possible without having to renew my contract (i'm five months away from being able to switch without being fined). After viewing the selection, it was CHEAPER (considerably) to renew my contract and get a higher quality phone.

I'm officially a Sprint customer until February 2011. I can choose to break the contract if I want but have to pay a fine. Positive thoughts about this: all of my old numbers switched over, my new phone is purple, it works, has a battery life (yay!), and all of the preloaded ring tones were slightly ghetto (just like me!). I'm thankful I was able to have a good saleslady and that I was able to get such a good deal on my purple phone.

So no iphone for another couple of years...not a big deal: Chris is really good about sharing his. :-) Plus I'm not getting married in the next couple of months so by the time I'm actually married, the fine won't be so high to leave my contract (if i choose to do so) before it's up. All in all, it was nice to let go of the old phone and I have a full keypad for texting (i'm the worst predictive texter ever so this is really good). I'm going to call this a win...not a knock out (that would have been getting a totally free phone and not having to renew my contract), but still a victory.

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