Monday, February 9, 2009

Second Lunch

I woke up STARVING this morning...this never happens. I, however, could not pull myself away from my freshly washed sheets to make breakfast. I played that horrible game I play of just how long do I really need to get ready? I started getting ready, Chris called, and before I knew it, I had to go. I grabbed my lunch and dashed to the car. Off to work I called Chris back to share a few more mushy gushy "i love you"s before walking into the office. Less than an hour later, Jonathan comes into the office and starts eating his brunch. So I jump on the brunch bandwagon and gleefully eat my entire lunch. David keeps looking at us eating and mentions how hungry he is.

About an hour or so later, I go to lunch with David and Kenneth. I was planning on just buying a soda...but no. I ate another lunch because I was (believe it or not) hungry again! What's my deal? I don't have a normal eating pattern. There will be weeks when I have to remind myself to eat something and I only eat one meal a day. Then a random day like today comes and I'm hungry every hour. This is madness to me!

I think I should start making six tiny meals to eat throughout the day...have a rigid schedule. I hear that helps out. I just don't know. Should I start a food journal that monitors what all I eat? Whenever Chris is down, he helps me remember to eat. I don't think he's gotten to experience starving sb in person quite yet. Poor guy won't know what to think about his girlfriend who can now out eat him (but only on random days).

Am I the only one out there who has trouble with this? You would think that I would feel miserable right now after two lunches, but no. I'm actually quite satisfied. *sigh*

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