Friday, May 16, 2008

Strawberry Coke

I'm really excited about today! :-) This day has such potential for awesomeness: 1. it's Friday 2. it's picnic day 3. the spazmatics are in town tonight 4. i'm wearing my puff paint shirt to the concert hehehehe 4. i get to see some very fun folks tonight 5. i'm dogsitting

My good mood is a tad infectious. So far I've greeted every kid with a huge grin. Some of the kids are thrown off by extra-cheeriness (it's way more than usual-it's cranked up to fifty). During this period, one of the boys asked me what I was on. My first response: Strawberry Coke. Some of the kids started to ask questions about the drug. whoops....I meant my drink from Sonic. I quickly held up my cup....yikes.

I'm used to this kind of thing happening. It happened at every debate tournament. Think about it: I'm skinny, I have a freakish amount of energy, and 95% of the time I'm inexplicably happy. I get why they think I'm on something. So now I'll be waiting to hear the rumors about me...usually they're pretty creative.

Man I'm going to miss this place in the fall!

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