Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sometimes I worry that I'm becoming more of a guy (what with build team *i can now use power tools*, video game tutorials with Chris, and my deep love of american gladiators) until a moment like this comes along. One of my students wanted to open the window on this glorious, waitin-for-a-storm-to-hit day which of course I let him do (i really like storms). However I didn't fully weigh the consequence of opening it up. My hair is now a mess...a frizzy mess. It's starting to curl in random places & I feel it getting bigger. The humidity is striking & I'm powerless. I was running late this morning and neglected my anti-frizz products....foolish girl. I could shut the window but the damage is down so I might as well enjoy the weather. At least my dress and shoes are still cute....maybe people will see that rather than my huge hair.

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