Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Big life change awaits me...

Career Change: It's official: I won't be returning to the public school system for 2008-2009. No joke. My resignation letter was turned in last week in lieu of my contract. I will be working at my church no longer as Kenneth's assistant but as the discipleship coordinator for the elementary department. I get to decide how we run the service, what curriculum we use (ie i'll be writing it!!!!!!!!!!), and planning some service projects (i'm already thinking). As of June 6, I'll no longer be an employee for iisd. Crazy stuff....crazy exciting stuff.

I have a notebook of ideas that I'm using for the style of the room, curriculum ideas, etc. I am setting up a filing system for receipts, volunteer info, and what we've done...I'm going to try to tackle that today. I'm learning about video games b/c we have some the kids play with before service. Chris is teaching me and I've got to say I'm really bad at this. We played on the wii & I'm best at bowling and worst at golf. I think we're going to have weekly tutoring sessions so that by the end of the summer, I'll at least be mediocre.

It's pretty bittersweet at school. I haven't told the students yet that I won't be returning. I've told some of my friends but not everyone. I'm trying to decide what the best way is to spend my time is...how can I make the most of the last few days of school? Certainly not by blogging while having my students read silently....hmmmmm......

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