Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Round 2

Most people don't realize how I spent many an afternoon as a child: hula hooping on either the front porch or the backyard while Lucky (the greatest dog of all time) would watch. I can hula on my hips, waist, ankle, arm. I can walk forward & backwards while hula hooping. I can turn while hula hooping. I'm a little rusty on working the hoop up to my neck....
Last night the volunteer, Keith, and I had our hula hoop challenge. I'd given him close to a month to prepare. He bought a hula hoop & practiced. I gave him a warning before the competition began. I tried to give him an easy out. I showed him some of my moves but he still wanted to compete. Poor guy couldn't even hula hoop for ten seconds. I told him we could do best of three...which we did. Unfortunately Keith wasn't any better the second go round. I let him know I'd be up for a rematch any time if he needed some more practice.
Keith gets to name the next challenge. He said he wants a bake off. I have yet to warn him that this boy crazy girl has baked many a good in attempts to sway a young man's heart or two or thirty. I think he wants to beat me at my own game.
I now feel bad for the guy and wonder if this cockamamie competition should continue. If I beat him two weeks in a row, I doubt he'll recover his pride anytime soon....and I wasn't as gracious of a winner as I should have been. I might send him an email telling him we can quit now but I think that may be like rubbing salt in his wounds. Tricky choice....tricky competition.

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