Sunday, June 8, 2008


long time, no post.

I've officially worked myself up....over stupid boy drama. I'm currently trying to decide how much is my fault of the awkward, sticky situation. Am I making this into a bigger deal than it actually is? I have no clue.

Usually I would call a couple of my guy friends for support, advice, and affirmation but I've decided since I'm twenty-five, I need to do this one myself. I need to fix the problem rather than run away or ignore. I've got to step up and clear out the drama. The question is, how do I do that?

Do I just jump in & fix it? Have a confrontation to clear it all that too bold? Could I even do that? Do I just wait for an opportunity to present itself? Do I manipulate the situation to make him bring it up and then strike? Certainly not the last one, that's a little too New York (aka tiffany pollard) if you know what i'm saying.

I'm trying to look at the situation from every possible angle. I think the solution is obvious: take Hamlet's advice and get myself to a nunnery. ;-)

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