Monday, April 28, 2008


I just got some good news: my new nalgene bottle and replacement lids will be at my front door tomorrow. A volunteer at church "broke" my old one. He wanted to prove they weren't indestructible. He threw it multiple times but it wouldn't break. He kicked it but it wouldn't break. He had Preston run over it with his truck--it DIDN'T break. The then repeated the throwing and kicking. A tiny crack appeared on the bottom of my bottle. He gloated about breaking my bottle. Thankfully I had already ordered a new one. I have felt out of place without it for about a week. I take with me almost everywhere I go. When my new one comes in, I'll have two. Hopefully the volunteer will make good on his word and give me a replacement one so I can have three.

You may be thinking, "why does one girl need three nalgenes?" Quite simply, they are the best bottles in the world. Since I take them everywhere, it's great to be able to have multiple ones in case one is in the dishwasher. It's also a good feeling to know I can bring them all to frisbee in case someone forgets their water. Plus it's important to stay hydrated.... ;-)

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