Friday, April 4, 2008


I think cherry yogurt may be the greatest yogurt of all time!

The Spazmatics are playing at the Glass Cactus tonight--it should be a fantastic show! I've recruited several people to come & check them out. Sean asked me if I was employed by them because I am always inviting people to their shows. Silly Seanny...I'm just a fan...a slightly crazed fan.

We lost power last night...I had no idea it stormed until I saw the news. I have slept through tornadoes before.

I like to drink my coffee's bad coffee if I have to doctor it. Don't get me wrong, I love some fancy coffee but my favorite is straight black coffee. So good!

Ultimate frisbee makes me happy.

I love Earth Day. Shelly has an adorable Earth day t-shirt on today & I love it! It's super cute...I may just need to get one.

I love, love, love lime in my dr pepper. It always slightly bothers the good people at sonic.

I freaked out yesterday about something no normal girl would really freak out about...but at least it was only a very minimal freak out. It passed very quickly. I'm thinking the next time something like this occurs, I won't freak out at all.

Today is Abby's birthday! This will be her last birthday in Africa for a while--she'll be stateside in a couple of months!

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