Sunday, April 6, 2008

razzle dazzle

Since I work at my church, weekends are always interesting. Doing something on Saturday nights isn't always a viable option. So last night I was very surprised when a very random but sincere dream came true!!!

As I was leaving church, I stopped off at wal-mart to pick up some milk but let with so much more. I picked up some t-shirts for Alissa, Amanda, Lindsey, and myself. I went home, dropped off the milk, and grabbed my puff paint.

Lindsey & I started to make our Spazmatics t-shirts when we realized we needed a bit more of puff paint. We head back to the store and go to the puff paint section. As we were debating the finer points of speckled puff paint vs. day glow, I saw it.

It was on the shelf--unassuming and completely awesome. A ghetto fabulous, off brand bedazzler!!!! I've wanted a bedazzler since college as I'm a lean, mean t-shirt making machine.

I bedazzled a fantastic Spazmatics shirt--it's so funny. I didn't have a catchy phrase, just not enough of the same "gems" which makes it look ridiculous. All of the consonants are in a silver except the t which is gold and the vowels are jewel toned. I LOVE it!!!

This morning I saw the guys & told them the great news. They weren't excited; when they get their bedazzled t-shirts, I bet they'll go crazy...hehehehe :-)

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