Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hello real world

he past five days I've been on vacation...really five and a half. After a meeting on Tuesday afternoon, I met up with my wonderful, handsome boyfriend thus beginning the much desired vacation.

I was EXCITED to go back to work--I couldn't wait! However, waking up was not so spirit was willing but my flesh was weak. Yesterday I easily woke up. Today I couldn't seem to get moving. Is this common?

To ease my transition back into the real world, I've had tacos three out of the last four days: crunchy, soft, and puffy. For some reason, tacos make everything better. I could eat them every day. Is that normal?

Maybe on the days I have trouble getting up, I should reward myself with a breakfast taco....that could be just the motivation I need to start the day off right. ;-)

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