Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finished....well, almost.

Today I bought each and every Christmas present I would need for the season. I'm a mere four presents away from having everything wrapped. Ahhh....the white, gold, and red looks so nice under our tree! I can't wait!

I also purchased my Christmas cards today: a box to send to my volunteers and a box to send to co-workers & friends. My volunteer cards are cheery & pink (they scream Sarah Beth) and my co-worker cards are "A Christmas Story" cards with four different scenes! I love both boxes so much. I think they are sooooo much fun. I've already addressed a couple to mail out in the morning....(i realize it's technically tomorrow but until i go to sleep, it's still today)

I am really excited to spend Christmas with Chris' family this year! I feel incredibly blessed & can't wait to share these fun gifts and make memories with both his and my family!

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