Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rahab's Rope

Tonight I went to a benefit dinner with Erin. I didn't know anything about the organization other than they helped prostitutes. I was amazed and encouraged when I found out more...

Rahab's Rope is a Christian organization that equips women with the skills needed to live. It is truly love in action. These women are viewed as untouchable. Most are forced into a life of prostitution and never receive any education. Typically when these women reach my age (mid-twenties) they are considered 'used up' and can no longer support themselves. These women are also victims of abuse in most cases.

Through Rahab's Rope, women are shown Christ's love, provided housing, educational seminars, develop skills (jewelry making, seamstress, office skills, etc), and are given a sense of self worth. Last year alone they showed Christ's love to over 900 women.

I love this organization. Christ came for all, loves all, and died for all. No one should ever be 'untouchable' or viewed as 'unreachable'. If you are able, please check out their website and show these ladies some support!

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