Monday, November 3, 2008

My first big holiday...

Chris loves Halloween! It's his absolute favorite holiday. :-) I was very excited about dressing up as a couple. Every year I think of about fifty to seventy-five halloween costumes. I just love brainstorming different ideas! We settled in on the idea back in August. Why not go as the dynamic duo? We saw the movie together three times this summer; we both watched the 1960s show; we know useless facts about the was the perfect costume for us. We've decided it's never too soon to think of what to go as for next year. The front runner so far is Glinda & Elphaba from Wicked. hehehehe....if we go with this idea, we won't have a Fiyero for obvious reasons.

Friday we got ready, headed out to Southwest Airlines corporate party, and had a couple of gigles on the way. While at the party we went through the Haunted House. Chris had not experienced me in a haunted house. I don't think he was prepared for it. I am apparently a big disappointment to all haunted house workers. Greeting them, saying excuse me, and complimenting their masks is not what I'm supposed to do.

We also watched his mom rock the house in her show. She was an "Ikette" aka a back up dancer for Tina Turner in a telethon skit. It was the most wonderful thing I'd seen in a while! She did a great job! :-)

That evening we went to his grandma's house to spend the evening with the rest of his family. It was fantastic. We took them trick or treating. His youngest cousins were too cute for words: a fifties girl and a pink cheetah. Too precious!

We had some pecan pie while the kids evaluated their candy stash. It was a fantastic holiday!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving! We'll have three celebrations in two days. Thursday we'll have lunch at my grandma's and dinner at my mom's house. Friday we'll come back to Texas and have Thanksgiving at his grandmas! :-D Holidays with Chris are definitely something I can get used to!

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