Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's good for the soul...

  1. I have The Lion King Soundtrack on my itunes...
  2. I made fun of guy friends in college for having 'man crushes' on their professors; I now have a 'man crush' on Dr. Evans. I want to be his friend & soak up everything he could say. creepy much?
  3. I wish I could either eat tacos or hot dogs every day...not chocolate but tacos or hot dogs.
  4. Mice freak me out. With the recent articles about them coming into houses in my county, I'm scared I'll find one in my house.
  5. I once read a book of confessions at Barnes & Noble. I realized I don't have such a dark side after all. ;-)
  6. Kelly Clarkson's song "You Found Me" always makes me think of Chris.
  7. I want to grow up & be like my Grandma Duke. I have never met anyone who automatically and unconditionally loves all she meets. It's the most beautiful gift.
  8. I get frustrated with the people who go 50 mph on my 30 mph street...
  9. I miss all the reading free time...I have several books just waiting to be devoured.
  10. I am counting down until my vacation...Wednesday, November 26 is going to be a very exciting day! During my five days off I plan on seeing my Mom & sister, Katie K, sweet pea (the dog), and spending each day of my vacation with my wonderful, amazing boyfriend.
  11. I'm desperately trying to find a cutesy nickname for far all I've come up with have made it: dino, t-rex, huggy bear, grizzly bear...maybe I need to stay away from animals.

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