Saturday, November 22, 2008

brown bird

As often as possible my college roommie & I like to catch up on life. As I have a pretty different work schedule and she's teaching as well as attending grad school, that doesn't happen as often as either of us would like. It is a blessing though to go months and be able to pick up like we saw each other an hour ago.

The plan was to meet at our usual Starbucks. I couldn't wait to see Maggie & enjoy a peppermint mocha. Due to traffic (thanks 820), I arrived before she did. I ordered my extra large drink...mmmmm.

I waited outside for Maggie and tried to not eavesdrop on the conversation a table away. I noticed a brown bird hopping around outside...I watched it for a minute or two when it stopped hopping, turned, and looked at me. I made eye contact with the bird...then it started to hop again until it was perched on the chair next to me. The bird looked at me a little longer then hopped to the chair across from me. It lingered for about thirty more seconds before it flew away.

Two minutes later another brown bird started hopping around me. This one had a broken wing. Symbolism anyone?

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Andy and Kelly said...

you are Mary Poppins! :D Happy Thanksgiving!