Thursday, February 11, 2010


I was remiss to not take out my camera on this record breaking day. Today in the Dallas/Fort Worth area we received 9 inches of snow (pending on where you live it could have been more or less but in my burb it's a solid 9 inches). On a day full of errands, I thought I would see the snow stop at some point. It's close to midnight and the snow is still gently falling outside.

This surprising Thursday was full of unexpected blessings: I bought a bright orange pair of rubber boots (they look like imitation doc martens circa 97) for a mere $12 that kept my feet dry all day, had a great day shopping for conference items with my pal Marty and am still amazed by Ikea, drank a lot of coffee, made a lovely mock up of our center pieces, drove home safely, didn't stay stuck in the drive way, and had a REAL snow cone.

I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow to post in addition to the Chris Rocks Friday post.

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