Monday, February 1, 2010


Fabulous Whitney posted what she uses for make-up and thought it would be fun for everyone to share. So here's my make-up routine:

Yikes! The before.

It all starts with a lovely face wash & some moisturizer. I tried this out a couple of months ago (splurge item at Sephora) and LOVED it!

Next we have the one and only bareMinerals. I love the new matte formula due to the amazing new package!I don't know if you can see the shimmer in the mineral veil but I like it a lot.

Next up eyemake-up!Notice a theme? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Urban Decay!!!

With colors like Polyester Bride, what's not to love? Fun names and great colors!
Seriously look at these colors! Today I opted for some YDK and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again to compliment the lovely Polyester Bride.
Adding a little bit of the magic potion definitely helps my eye make-up stay all day long. Oh Urban Decay you are so good to me!A little bit of lipstick courtesy of Lancome....

A little bit of gloss thanks to the happiest store in the world: Sephora.

And the final result....nothing too fancy on this Monday.


Whitney said...

YAY! Thanks for playing! :)

Startup Wife said...

Looks great! :)

Okay, so I am a complete makeup loser. This 'magic potion' you refer to ... does that help eyeliner stay in place? What is it? Every time I wear eyeliner, I get raccoon eyes.