Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day Late...

With conference just around the corner and my precious Grandma in the hospital, my blog has really fallen by the wayside. Not that I was ever a consistent blogger...or even took the time to put thought provoking thoughts up that often. So here we go with a double dose of Chris Rocks Fridays on a Saturday morning.

Yesterday I saw Grandma. I brought her a goodie bag that I hoped would brighten her day. One of the items included a coffee mug with hearts on it that had a stuffed frog holding a heart declaring, 'Be Mine'. It's the type of gift I would receive when I was teaching in the public school system. I was surprised at how much that little green frog made her smile. She named it Christopher after my Chris. This lead to a discussion about him.

She was thrilled when I reminded her that he also worked at the church. I am thrilled whenever he talks about work. His face lights up. He absolutely loves his job. He is passionate about making an excellent curriculum so that children will love God and love church.

During different times of the year we work longer hours. I don't have to explain to him why I need to be at the church for 14 hours or why on my day off I check my email. He gets it. He supports it. He is just as much of a work dork as I am. I love it!

Last night we had our date night. We went to Joe's Crab Shack, a place I had never been. I had no idea they had a random dance party during certain times. This thrilled my soul! I also had no idea that their were so many different ways to cook crab. Afterwords we went to see a movie. We didn't know which movie to watch but had narrowed it down to two choices: an Oscar nominated film or a movie that I had talked about possibly being the worst movie made in the last three years. With movies at both ends of the spectrum, we decided to choose whichever movie started first. I was hoping for the Oscar contender but it was, of course, the horrendous movie.

Chris didn't hold me to our bargain but I told him as long as I was allowed to make fun of the movie, we could watch it. We watched the awful movie with a handful of other patrons. It was even worse than I had imagined. The plus side of seeing the movie? We now have a new set of inside jokes that I know he will use to make me laugh on tough days.

Chris rocks because he is a work dork who encourages my odd sense of humor. I love him.

AND...P.S. Grandma is looking really good & was able to turn herself over yesterday! This is a huge praise as before she wasn't strong enough. YAY!!!

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