Tuesday, January 26, 2010

update on Tura Lou

I received an update from my Aunt Patsy on Grandma's condition:
Mom says hello to all and not to worry about her. Sarah I sent this to all on Saturday. I got a confirm that you received????? Redge took her to his trailer for dinner without her electric wheel chair. She fainted when she got inside after climbing the handicap ramp. They didn't call an ambulance but drove her to er and she sat out in lobby from 5:30 pm to 11:15 pm. Blood level showed at therapeutic level but doc put her to bed for observation and to see her reg doc next day. By Saturday night her hemo level was 6. Supposed to be 12. They gave her two units of plasma. Then monday her level was back down to 8 and she got two more units. The doc suspects that the Celebrex she was taking for arthritis knee caused the bleed. Celebrex has been Discontinued and waiting to see if bleed stops. She is supposed to be getting physical therapy (walks down the hall) with assistance but she gets dizzy or her knee hurts too bad to walk. She is getting very weak because she cannot get out of bed. She is hooked to catheter to pee. I'm very sorry you didn't get my note to all. Please respond if you get this one. Love, aunt pt

Moms hemoglobin after yesterdays last two units of blood is back up to 10.8. She is supposed to be 12 so hopefully it will rise on up. Problem now is she cannot cooperate with physical therapy to keep from getting weaker. She was first unable to walk due to dizzy and spots. This morning when they tried it hurt her left knee so badly she had to stop after 2 or 3 steps. Please pray for her to gain her strength back. It is very difficult to do lying in bed. Thanks and will keep you posted. Love, pt

Please keep praying for this precious woman.

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Startup Wife said...

I just said a prayer for your darling grandmother, and also for those of you who are anxiously waiting on her.

That is such a cute picture of her--she looks like someone with such a great sense of humor and strength, to be waving like that from a hospital bed!