Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Series of Letters

A couple of fellow bloggers have posted like this & I thought I would too...

Dear Skype,
Why won't you let me find my friend Jason? I'd love to talk with him face to face so if you could possibly just let us connect, that would be great.

Dear Disney,
Thank you for making "The Princess & the Frog" because it was well made! I loved the story line, characters, and the art. You made me proud tonight--keep it up!
Your fan,

Dear Sunbeam,
You make the best electric blankets ever. Thank you for having 10 heat settings. Thank you for being so cozy. You make these cold nights infinitely better. I love you.
Forever yours,

Dear Chris,
Your birthday is exactly a week away. I can't wait to celebrate with you! You are handsome, wonderful, and always know how to make me smile. Thanks for taking me out for mexican food and a movie. I can't wait to take you out for your birthday! I love you!

Dear Kelly Clarkson
Were we secretly separated at birth? Really, were we?

Dear Biggest Loser,
Thank you for selecting a team from Ardmore, Oklahoma! I flipped out when I heard they were from Ardmore. You may not realize this but that's where my mom's parents lived so I have many fond memories of Ardmore, Oklahoma. Also thank you for picking hard working people as I feel that reflects so many Okies. I love that you had two contestants from the Tulsa area last season too...and I love even more that Danny won! I think you've found by now that people from Oklahoma are all around lovely. Good casting call!
Verge of being a crazy fan,
P.S. Can I work out with Bob sometime? He's my fave.

Dear cold weather,
Thank you for putting an effort into us being better acquainted. I think it's very thoughtful you came all the way down to Texas so we could spend some time together. However, I'm sure you've noticed by now that I've been avoiding you. It's nothing personal--you just don't belong here. I promise to come and visit you sometime later (maybe before 2011....maybe after).


Connie said...

I wanna work out with Bob, too! And I think we already discovered this a while ago, but do our boyfriends have the same birthday?

Startup Wife said...

Oooh, my husband is bundled up (indoors) in a North Face jacket, a beanie, a scarf, and two pairs of pants. (Yes, it's cold.) I'm under the covers, but an electric blanket sounds AMAZING!