Monday, January 25, 2010

Tura Lou

My precious Grandma was my absolute favorite person in the world until that tall guy entered the picture. I didn't get to see her as much as I wanted growing up but I always treasured the time we had together. Some days I would help her in her garden. We would walk along and pick blackberries. She introduced me to coffee flavored ice cream.

The thing I cherish most about my sweet Grandma is the way she loves. I have never been around anyone who loves the way she does. She has a gift; the moment you meet her, you feel loved....appreciated...special. She does this with everyone. She doesn't keep a record of wrongs either--this woman extends grace as if she has an unending supply.

My sister told me tonight that she is in the hospital. She has extremely low blood pressure and has received a couple of blood transfusions. Please pray for Tura Lou. We have an oral contract that she can't pass away until AFTER I get married and she's not one to break a deal. So please pray for a strong, speedy recovery.

I know complete healing is possible. God has been so gracious to keep her so healthy for so long. She is 92 and still lives by herself. She has never had any major medical issues. She kept a garden into her 80s. She's still lucid. It's remarkable how God has blessed this precious woman. Please remember her in your prayers.

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