Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Week!

In one short week, I get to see my father's side of the family! My precious aunties (amazing cooks & impeccable story tellers), my laid back uncles, my good old boy cousins, my cousins' little ones, and of course, the most precious woman to walk on the planet: my grandma. Chris hasn't met this side of the family (our schedules keep conflicting, someone get sick, etc) so I can't wait to see him interact with them.

Then I get to have Thanksgiving with my Mom, sister, nieces, and nephew! And if I time things just right, I'll be able to make it to Chris' family Thanksgiving as well. Busy, busy, busy but beautiful.

I want to get on the thankfulness train too. I have some friends who have been posting one thing they are thankful for everyday this month. I've really enjoyed reading their posts.

Today I am thankful for my job. I can't believe I get to work at Fellowship Church. I am so blessed to serve God at an amazing church. I am in awe of the leadership God has placed here. The executive pastors are God-ly, wise men who sincerely love God and love others. I am proud of how service is an integral part of everything we do. I love that my volunteers are amazing. I love that my students love God and are welcoming to new students. I love the staff I get to work with--they are hilarious, thoughtful, and sharpen me. Thank You Lord for allowing me for the calling You gave me & for allowing me to serve You!


William, Megan and Avery said...

by the way, we're moving to MacTown next week... you better meet up sometime :D maybe for some Wii at the Higgins' house?

Amber said...

Hey, speaking of "MacTown" that is our half-way rest stop for home. We always stop there to stretch ouur legs and usually grab a bite to eat. Tell me, what's the best place to eat there?