Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Always Hope


You need it. I need it. God gives it.

Can you get so far away from God that you can’t come back?

The history of Israel is full of ups and downs. After asking God for a king, Israel had two kings but by king number 3, the kingdom separated. Judah & Israel each had their own king. Unfortunately, however, not all of the kings were good. In fact the majority of the kings were bad.

Despite having a God-ly father, one king was one of the wickedest people to ever walk the earth. He sacrificed his son in fire to idols. He restored all of the pagan idols his father had destroyed. He led the people astray. One day though, everything changed. His country was invaded & he was taken captive. During this time, he genuinely repented & God graciously forgave him. Manasseh finished strong.

The story of Manasseh gives us hope. No matter how far away someone is from God, there is always hope. You can read more about him in 2 Kings 20:21-21:18 and 2 Chronicles 33:1-20.

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