Thursday, June 18, 2009

what's new!

I've been trying to post for a solid week...trying to put down the changes, my random thoughts, document another sugar rush (yeah, crazy but true), and just let you know how good God is.

Update: I have moved. I now live in a different suburb that is only 5 miles from the church. Yes I have shaved off about 7 or 8 miles from my commute. I have also shaved off quite a bit in the rent department. Thank you Jesus! I can save some money (this is fantastic as my car has become a death trap & needs a lot of repairs). I also get to live with a lady from church. She works in the same department and is a tremendous prayer warrior. I now live with her (Aliya) , her husband (Clifford), and their 14 year old daughter (Cassidy)...oh and their four pets: Annie (spunky little black dog), Jack (overweight mellow black dog), Oliver (gray striped cat that likes people), and a fish whose name is escaping me at the moment. This move has been a tremendous blssing and I am so thankful God opened up a new place for me to live. I'm still unpacking but am down to about three duffle bags to sort through...considering I had 9 duffle bags, 10 suit cases, a couple of boxes, and a few random bags I am quite proud of myself. I still need to organize my books & movies but that shouldn't take too long...i hope.

My car is officially a death trap at the moment. I have had to replace the entire brake system--calipers (i hadn't even heard of them), pads, rotors, you name it was replaced. That was a very pretty penny. I also had to get new axles. I still have to replace three more things too...but that will have to wait for a bit. The guy fixing the car said I could wait about six weeks so I'm going to be saving up so my car can be ok.

Prayer meetings the last two weeks has been INCREDIBLE. Steven led us in a discussion of grace prior to praying. I want to be the type of person who is dripping with grace. I want to be so incredibly full of grace when I meet someone they immediately feel loved and welcomed. This is my new goal...ambitious but I think attainable (this is because my precious 94 year old grandma is this type of woman). Today we talked about community within the first church. We were challenged to carry each others' burdens.

In Chris news, he's still amazing. We went to the Rangers/Astros on Tuesday (thanks to rain delay tickets from when I took him to the Yankees game). We had even better seats this time. :-) He very kindly helped me move on Monday night too...that man loves me a lot. My bed is freakishly heavy (seriously! the headboard is a bookcase & it has storage shelves on the side) and he lovingly moved it for me. I could talk your ear off about how wonderful he is & how THANKFUL I am to be his.

We're gearing up for church's a month away. How is it so close? I will be out there for two of the three weeks and I look forward to it! I might be a princess for the stage production AND get to teach Bible study again. Have I mentioned how much I love my job? In about ten minutes I'll head out to a production brainstorming meeting. I love brainstorming meetings. They make me super happy.

Yesterday we celebrated LauriAnn & Rachel's birthdays. We had La Hacienda Ranch (the sundance fajitas will blow your mind....rice & fajita goodness smothered in spicey queso) and got pedicures. I think I got the longest leg massage ever...and it was wonderful! My toes are currently gold with a sparkly gold heart on the big toe.

Through all of this, God has been incredibly kind to me. He provided me with the funds to get work done on my car. He provided me a new place to live so I can save up some money & finish the repairs on my car. He has so graciously placed me in FC Kids where I get to show kids God's love & help them love church on a weekly basis. He has given me a gentleman who loves me. God allows me to take some time from work to celebrate the lives of two ladies with whom I get to work. At prayer meetings I am being challenged to be more than what I am.

So that's my update for now....more to come soon (i hope!)

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Amber said...

Wow sounds like you've got a lot going on! SO glad everything is going well.