Monday, June 22, 2009

Alas, poor Gizmo!

Gizmo (not of gremlin fame) was with me for the past decade...he was only two when he became mine. Over the years, I loved him with all I could--the best i could. He was more than a car, he was a friend. We had adventures...some planned, some spontaneous. He was with me when I moved to college & was faithful during those years. He was with me when I moved to Texas & to two different houses while here. He tried his best to take care of me, keep me safe. I love him to this day...but Gizmo was sick. Very sick. He needed more care than I could give him.

I prayed God would work a miracle. I wanted Gizmo better. I wanted him to be restored to his glory days...our adventurous days. This, however, was not part of God's perfect plan. Today (after spending about $900 in the last two weeks to help Gizmo) I took Gizmo back to the lot where I bought him...and we said goodbye. God had performed a miracle in keeping us both safe on the 3 hour drive. Gizmo's front tires where moments away from going out. He was leaking...he needed new shocks/ was more than I could give him.

God worked another miracle and gave me Sullivan. Sullivan is my new baby now. I promise to love him, protect him, and keep him beautiful. I will be faithful to Sully...and we will have new adventures--but Sully will never (mark this), never take the place of Gizmo as he was part of my family.

So goodbye dear Gizmo...and welcome Sully. (this is his twin...we haven't taken family pictures just yet--trust me, Sullivan is even cuter!)

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