Monday, September 1, 2008


my birthday is in eight days. if only i had been born eight days earlier i could have been a labor day baby. i love the irony of being born on labor day...for the last twenty years or so i've wanted to be a labor day kid.

i love having a birthday in september. i love it! by the time it rolled around to my birthday in school, i'd made friends & they would all be able to come to the first birthday party of the year. the best part was people were really still trying to find a good present rather than just pick something up--after all, it was the first birthday party of the year & of course, the kids in my class wanted to make a good impression. if the other kids saw that old brian didn't give a good gift, he may not be invited to one of the october birthday parties. no kid wants to miss out on an october birthday party as they usually afforded another opportunity to wear the halloween costume again.

usually my parties were either at the pizza place or skating rink in town. a couple of times i had a party at my house but it just wasn't the same. next year i think i'm going to have my party at a skating rink--i'll be 27 & my birthday will be 9/9/9. i've got to pull out all of the stops for that birthday. this year's party will be low key--ice cream cake, games, and of course, karaoke at my house. nothing elaborate...just an opportunity for giggles & a batman cake.

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