Tuesday, September 2, 2008

many blessings

I am continually blown away by the blessings in my life. I've been wanting to sing the hymn "Count Your Many Blessings" for the last several days. It's hit me again how I am so undeserving of these crazy awesome blessings!!!
  1. My job is unbelievable. I actually get paid to share God's love with people. I am allowed to be creative & have very few limitations on what I can do.
  2. My coworkers are so fun. Today in staff meeting I was thankful for the talented, caring, creative people I get to work with.
  3. My roommates are throwing me a birthday party this weekend. Their evite was hilarious! I have two Godly, thoughtful, fun ladies for roomies...and it's incredible!
  4. My boyfriend's family is amazing. Saturday night we had dinner with his parents & brothers. Yesterday we went to a cook out at his uncle's. I was able to hang out with an entire side of his family. They are Godly, funny, and just remarkable people.
  5. Chris is the most wonderful guy I've ever met....simple as it is.
That's just a HANDFUL of blessings God has decided to rain on me. :-) I could keep going but I need to do laundry before my karaoke night with Linds....yep, you can put that on the list too.

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Andy and Kelly said...

Hey!!! I love your background polka dots! I loved reading about your blessings, isn't god good?!!!